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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.


What are Akashic Records?

The word Akash is Sanskrit and means "open space" or "sky" or the "ether".  The Akashic Records are often referred to as the Book of Life. The Records are a dimension of consciousness at the soul level that holds the vibrational record of every thought, word, and action of every individual soul and it's journey based upon the choices made by that individual throughout each lifetime. Some refer to the Akashic Records as a library in a metaphorical sense. Others compare it to a super highway of information similar to the way we use the internet today. 


 How can I benefit from an Akashic Reading?

Your records can provide guidance and direction from a practical level as well as a spiritual level. Your soul's purpose and potential as well as its expression and very essence can be revealed through an Akashic Reading.. Many people feel a sense of empowerment and release of old patterns of action or thought after a cosultation. The Records are reflective of the choices you have made in your current life and can help you to re-direct your energies to benefit from better choices going forward. 


 Is there a specific process for Akashic Readings?

Akashic Records are accessed through prayer and by your personal information (i.e. full name and birth date). Throughout the reading itself you and your records are completely safe and protected.  This allows for a clear and concise reading that offers a reliable flow of information to be channelled through the reader. Your questions and current experiences and/or concerns will guide the direction of the reading itself. Questions that require a yes or no answer are less productive for the client than other questions. (i.e. How did ___ come about?) Who, what, how or why questions will bring a more in depth answer to you and will help to shed more light on the information you seek.  If I can be of any further assistance to you as you prepare, please feel free to email me ahead of your consultation.


 How does a Soul Realignment™ reading differ from an Akashic Reading? Isn't it  the same thing?

One might think they are the same, but there are some intrinsic differences.  While we are able to access information from the same Akashic field, the process is varies greatly.  While an Akashic Reading is done "live", a Soul Realignment™ Reading takes more time and collects more information regarding how you got where you are today on your soul journey and what can be done to clear the negative issues from the past. These readings are done ahead of the client meeting and generally take a few days to complete.  Clients often remark what a difference this makes in their lives and how much lighter they feel as a result.