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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can receive Reiki?

Reiki is available for anyone who is open to receiving it.   People, including children, from all walks of life can receive Reiki.  Pets can also receive Reiki. Cats are particularly receptive to Reiki.  We have a little Schnauzer mix who loves Reiki, though it does not reduce her social behavior (she still barks!).


Is Reiki harmful in any way?

Reiki can do no harm.  It is always helpful and always safe. Reiki energy goes wherever it is needed in the body and is determined by what a person needs at that point in time.


Who would seek Reiki treatments?

People from all walks of life, in all states of health or dis-ease, who seek balance and relaxation in their lives find Reiki to be beneficial in their lives. It is especially good for relaxation and stress relief, has been known to be beneficial for pain relief/pain management as well as insomnia.  Reiki has been successfully used for relief from migraines over time. For those who feel their energy is low Reiki can help to re-energize the body, revitalize the mind and soothe the spirit, returning to a sense of balance and focus. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy find the use of Reiki during treatment to lessen the side effects of their chemotherapy. Hospice patients who have difficulty with medications can often find some relief from the use of Reiki as well.


Does Reiki replace medical treatments?

No.  Reiki does not replace the medical treatments one is receiving.  Nor does it replace psychological care one might be receiving. Reiki can enhance these treatments and works in harmony with them. 


How long does a Reiki treatment take and what happens after a treatment?

Generally a Reiki treatment itself takes approximately one hour with one practitioner.  If you make an appointment, it is advisable to add about 30 minutes extra to be able to properly provide the practitioner with your state of being  prior to the treatment and to go over post-treatment protocol.  Two Master Practitioners working together can increase the effectiveness of the treatment and cut down the time of the treatment itself. After a treatment, one generally feels more relaxed and focused.


Is Reiki safe during pregnancy? Can my baby be affected adversely by Reiki?

Reiki is absolutely safe during pregnancy though if you would like to confer with your physician prior to a Reiki treatment, I would encourage you to do so.  Just as most clients experience a deeper state of relaxation and calm, Baby may take a little nap as well.  Since Reiki can do no harm to you, Baby will not be harmed either! And naps are always good during pregnancy!!  Reiki for Baby and Me is aimed at relaxation and stress reduction for Mom and baby.